3 Tips to Release Your Inner Extrovert

How to Release Your Inner Extrovert

Throughout my life, I was convinced of my introverted tendencies. Letting my mind wander, and exploring different stories have always been one of my greatest escapes. On long car rides, I would put my headphones in, and let my mind wander through the different landscapes that would fly by. These moments of solitude would nourish my soul. Whenever we reached our destinations, I was refreshed and excited for our trips. In high school, I was always moving. I took as many AP classes as possible, swam four to five days a week, was involved in clubs, and had very little time to just be. Alone time was the only time I could just be. So I loved it. This love of stealing moments of solace led me to the most incorrect conclusion I’ve ever drawn about myself. I knew I was an introvert.

My belief of this continued into college. I would hide from roommates; lock myself away in times of stress, and find quiet moments to help me cope with the stress that was school. Junior year I took twenty one credits-three of them were engineering lab credits. I had no time. Ever. So like any good introvert, I gave myself plenty of me time. This came at the expense of my friends and roommates. I hid from them like the plague, grasping onto any solitude that I could. My stress continued to grow, and with more stress, came more solitude. We didn’t even need a living room because none of us ever hung out in it. It was while watching Life of Pi for this crazy Bible and Film class I was taking (which taught me nothing about the Bible or films, but plenty about my crazy professor) that I was struck with a realization that rocked my whole world. 

I. Was. An. Extrovert.

The pieces slowly came together. I had been miserable all semester, because instead of socializing in the little free time I had, I isolated myself. I locked myself away like a self-inflicted Rapunzel scenario. It was terrible. This realization has been quite the struggle for me to adjust to. For years, I had taught myself how my “self care” should look like. I had always assumed it was time alone, watching tv and painting my nails. But that was so wrong. Retraining my brain to seek others during times of stress took time. And I’ve adjusted. Eventually.

This has all become particularly important because I have two roommates moving in to my place this month. I have been living alone since October. It is my second bout of living alone, and honestly I don’t really like it. I do not function well alone. I get sad, bored and lonely. I am not living my best life, and I don’t take care of myself or my surroundings as well as I should. It’s great when my boyfriend is able to come over, but he’s been so busy going to school and working full time; he doesn’t always make it over. I’m really excited to have these ladies move in, and to have fun adventures, wine and cheese nights the whole nine yards. I finally have learned to accept my extrovertedness, and as such, I need to be living like I am an extrovert. I need to continue adjusting my habits, so that I spend time with people, instead of hiding away from them. If you are struggling with your newfound extrovertedness here are some tips I found helpful:

  1. Check yourself! Sometimes, I had to physically force myself to have plans with other people. It went against my pre-conceived ideas of self-care time. But! Do it. You’ll appreciate it later. Start off by planning one day a week, where you have an evening out with friends, and then grow it from there.
  2. When people say things like “you may be an extrovert” don’t disregard them! Listen to your friends and family, because they are able to see yourself in ways that you probably don’t.
  3. Plan weekly recurring dates with people. In high school, I had a standing coffee date with all of my friends on Friday. In college, my roommates and I had a planned wine and cheese night on Friday. (Or cheese and guinness) These dates get you out of the house, for a planned event. It’s a good way to keep you accountable.

Releasing your inner extrovert through adventures with those you love
My boyfriend and I on one of our adventures :)

I cannot be the only human who’s had an introvert/extrovert crisis. Comment below with your crisis moment, and tell us how you embraced your newfound personality trait!

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