Tea Time: How to Detox and Improve Hair, Skin, and Metabolic Health Using Tea

The Best Ways to Detox with Tea

Signs You Need to Detox

Easter weekend just passed, and I did not follow my diet during any of it! I am sensitive to gluten and dairy, so, whenever I eat them, I get a headache and stomach pain anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after. I also experience massive breakouts and bloating. In my day to day life, I avoid my sensitivities completely, but I am weak over the holidays...so I had all the scones, pizza, cinnamon rolls, and tiramisu I could shove down my throat. I absolutely do not regret it, but now it is time to clean up my system! Whether you are sensitive to gluten and dairy or not, the tips I am about to share--tips for detoxing with tea--will still benefit you, so read on! 

Tea is a Great Detoxing Tool

Among the many natural remedies I use to detox, the most recent addition is tea. I have begun quite the tea addiction. There exist so many types of tea, and each one has its own benefits, so I love to mix it up. The best thing about using natural tools to improve health is that they often have no negative side effects! Just lots of great benefits for your body! Even if you are not a tea person, I am going to share some alternative ways to use tea in your health journey beyond drinking it. Another reason it is a great tool is that it is cheap. I purchase most all of my detox tea from Walmart or Amazon. My current favorite brand store bought brand is yogi, but I love to buy local if possible.

What Are Your Health Goals?

First you need to identify what your current health goals are. I suffer from alopecia, a disease that causes my hair to slowly thin, so my main health goal is hair growth. Next, I am working on maintaining clear skin since bad acne runs in the family and my bad diet over Easter caused a break out. Finally, I am working on burning off some excess fat.

Choosing the Best Teas for your Health Goals

Once you have identified your health goals, you can decide which teas you want to integrate into your daily routine. The teas I have chosen this week are peppermint, chamomile, dandelion root, milk thistle, and kombucha. I chose these teas because I generally enjoy them, and, upon research, I was able to determine that they are exactly what I need to reach my health goals! 

Peppermint Tea

Detoxing with Peppermint Tea

 I use peppermint tea whenever I have a headache or feel sick to my stomach which always happens after highly processed gluten or dairy. Drinking peppermint tea improves circulation which boost hair growth, but I also do a peppermint tea hair rinse. After I finish a cup of peppermint tea, I brew another cup, let it cool a little, and then rinse my hair from roots to ends, and let it dry. My hair has been BABY SOFT since starting this! I also use the second cup to do a peppermint face wash which helps with acne. Finally, I use peppermint tea to quench my cravings. One of the best times to drink detox tea is when you are feeling munchy! When I want a snack, I brew some tea, and its natural sweetness makes me feel like I indulged. This tea helps me to relax too, and having it right before bed makes me sleep better I find.

Chamomile Tea

Detoxing with Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is my other tea of choice. I notice the same soothing effect for stomach ache and headache. I also use it in a hair rinse as well as a face rinse and notice similar effects to peppermint tea. I will say that my hair has lightened slightly which I have heard may be caused by this tea rinse. It honestly just looks like natural sun highlights though, so I am not that bothered by it. If that does bother you, maybe only drink this tea rather than use it as a hair and face rinse. It not only reduces my acne, I have also noticed that some of my scarring is disappearing as well which is apparently another result of tis natural lightening properties. I do not use this tea as much as a craving-quencher, but rather as a before bed tea. It helps me calm down and sleep soundly. 

Dandelion Root Tea

Detoxing with Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion root tea is my least favorite that I use...I hate the flavor. However, people that really like black coffee (like my dad and boyfriend) seem to love the flavor! The taste is a little too umami type of bitter…it’s hard to explain, but the benefits outweigh my distaste for it! It is so good for the liver whose bile filters toxins from blood. It is also a diuretic which means it causes you to urinate more frequently which flushes your toxins. I know what you are thinking: no thank you! I promise though, it is no worse than your morning coffee or glass of wine you drank that day! This makes it a great choice for my Easter detox. Less toxins mean less acne and a relieved immune system which promotes hair growth in those with alopecia.

I recently read about the Dandy Blend which, according to Ayde (a Naturopathic Medical Student and Health Blogger), tastes just like a cappuccino, and I can't wait to try it! So, if you are interested in the healing properties of Dandelion Root tea, definitely check out her site!

Milk Thistle Tea

Detoxing with Milk Thistle Tea

Milk thistle is another tea I use for liver support. This reduces the toxins in my blood which will reduce inflammatory reactions like acne and give my immune system more time to fight my hair problem. It has a much more subtle flavor that I love with honey. I also use this tea as a craving quencher, and it will boost your metabolism, so that is another bonus! I was actually advised to use this tea and dandelion root tea by my doctor who noticed that my body was full of toxins, so if you are toxin-filled, definitely try out these teas!


Detoxing with Kombucha

Finally, my personal favorite, kombucha. It is a natural way to fill your digestive tract with probiotics, bacteria that aid in digestion, which will boost digestive health and, in turn, immune health. In my opinion, this is one of the best detox teas for bloating. I take a probiotic supplement every day, but, if I can find a natural way to take my supplements, I absolutely prefer it. If you have never had kombucha, it has kind of a vinegary flavor which some people dislike. However, I have the most picky little brother in the entire world, so, if he likes it, you probably will too. It is also kind of fizzy and has a sweetness to it. I love it; it is so delicious! It is absolutely my tea of choice on a hot day or at a coffee/tea shop that has it on tap.

The Best ways to Detox with tea

Other Ways to Use Tea to Promote Wellness

There are countless more teas out there to try, so identify your health goals and do some research! Remember that drinking tea is not the only way to reap its benefit. Used tea bags can be used to make hair and face rinses. Pro Tip: Keep your used tea bags in the fridge. About 30 minutes before you plan on showering, brew a cup with a used tea bag, put on your favorite face mask, and, when that dries, take your shower. By the time your shower is over, the tea should be appropriately steeped and cool enough that it won’t burn you. 
On the Wellness Wheel, drinking tea supports physical wellness. However, with any health initiative in my life, I like to kill multiple birds with one stone. If tea relaxes you, implement it in your emotional wellness plan. I also like to implement tea into my social wellness initiatives. Maybe invite a friend on a tea date in which you go to a local tea company downtown. All of my friends and I buy kombucha and tea from local breweries at the farmers market every Saturday which is a fun date. In downtown Moscow, there is a tea and yoga place. Right when the semester is over, I am headed down there for some social, emotional, and physical wellness! I am horrible at yoga, but I love tea…so it should be a time to be alive. Research the businesses in your area that sell or produce organic teas and take advantage! It is so rewarding to involve yourself in the community and support local businesses.
For more ways to detox, read How to Take and Amazing Detox Bath. I take 1 a week! They flush your body of toxins, supply your body with much-needed minerals, among other benefits depending on the ingredients you use. Definitely give it a read!
Comment down below your favorite type of tea--I am always looking for new ones to try :)

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