30 Day Squat Challenge Week 1

Week 1 Of the 30 Day Squat Challenge

All right ya’ll, this has been a rough week. But I do want to thank you all, for your support and check-ins. It was day two of the squat challenge, when I was complaining to my coworker about how I actually had to do the 30 Day Squat Challenge, because I had posted about it on this blog. He responded with “what does that mean for your psyche, that this goal you set was never actually going to be accomplished, but it is now since you’ve posted it?” He meant it as a joke, but his words really struck me. He had a real point. For three to four months, I have been treating my exercise and nutrition goals as essentially nice thoughts that zoom right by. I have not actually expected myself to accomplish any of these goals and have just been accepting my failures and inadequacies as fact.

Accountability buddies are everything!

This past week has really shifted my perspective. I now feel that I have to do my 100 squats. They are not an optional thing that I HOPE I get done; they are something that I need to do. Now, they are a compulsory part of my day, like brushing my teeth, or putting on deodorant. It has been amazing. The first day I did mostly bodyweight squats. I told myself that I didn’t need to push it too hard. I mixed it up though. I’d do 10 normal squats, then 10 sumo squats until I reached 100 reps. The next day, I added some weight, but kept the same format. Day Three, I didn’t have any weights, so I did 10 normal squats, 10 sumo squats, then 10 bavarian split squats on each leg. That day was probably the most rough to date. At squat 60, I did not believe there was any way I’d be able to finish them.

Weights, weights and more weights….

Day 6 I went back to the barbell squat. Whenever I have a barbell on my rack, no matter the weight, I feel badass. It’s something about the way the metal presses into my back, and the way I grab the grips on the bar, lining them up perfectly with my pinkies. I just feel amazing, strong, beautiful—a force to be reckoned with. When I got in that squat rack and pushed up against the weight, I feel that lover of lifting awaken inside of me.

Finding Strength in unconventional Places

I have never been conventionally athletic. My eye hand coordination is crap, which complements my naturally terrible upper body strength. Sports like soccer, softball, gymnastics, even dance never clicked with me. My awkward pre-teen/ten year old body trodded through all of these sports with no gain in skill or grace. It wasn’t until fifth grade when I finally found a sport I could love--swimming. It wasn’t immediate of course, I have never been graced with such abilities, but I learned to love swimming. I worked hard, learned to be faster, and conditioned myself for longer races. I was never the fastest swimmer, but I was the one that worked the hardest. My love of swimming led me to one and only true exercise love, lifting. When I was in high school, my swim team started working with a strength and conditioning athletic trainer to help us grow in strength, and of course swim faster. Hayley is the human that introduced me to my love of lifting. I loved feeling my muscles grow, eating to help foster growth, and lifting more than the boys on my team.

On the left was a pic taken on Day 6 of the challenge, on the right a picture on Day 1

Awakening that Strength and Seeing Results

This drive, excitement and love of lifting heavy things has been revitalized in the past week. I feel motivated, excited and ready to accomplish more as the next three weeks progress. I actually saw quite a bit of progress. Mostly I could see it in my knees, but it looks like I’ve definitely lost some fat (thanks to the smaller fat rolls on the left pic). I know it doesn’t seem drastic, but to me it really looks better. And honestly that’s all that matters, that I think I’m getting better. As long as I keep seeing progress, keep losing fat, keep gaining strength, and keep the woke beast inside of me fed and working, I will call this challenge a success.

How was your first week? Comment below, and remember to keep checking in for weekly updates!

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