30 Day Squat Challenge Week 2

Week 2 of the Squat Challenge

Week two was very different than Week One! My motivation had pretty much fallen off, and work and life snuck its way between me and by goals. So confession time….I missed three days of squats. Which didn’t seem so bad at the time, but looking back I realized that’s almost half the week! This is not the vision I had for myself, when it came to this challenge, and I can do better! 

Lessons and Reflections on my current fitness Journey

This exemplifies my exact struggle right now. I start off a new program, nutritional or workout, and I am 100% in! I follow the program to a “t”. I eat right; I exercise; I am on top of it. But by the second week, I fall right off the wagon. The initial motivation is gone, and it becomes a vicious cycle. I fall off the wagon, I don’t see results, then I continue to run farther away from the wagon instead of jumping back onto it. So needless to say my results this week aren’t as dramatic as Week 1. To reclaim those three days I missed, I will be extending the challenge by three days to keep myself accountable.

Accountability to myself and my goals

I couldn’t help but think back to when I first started this challenge, and my friend was harassing me about not sticking to my goals unless I had other people holding me to them. This week was emblematic of that. Honestly, I wouldn’t have stuck to it, without your support, and the accountability you have given me. So thank you all for that. 😊 But! I need to be able to pick a goal and stick to it for myself. My fitness goals are for myself. I don’t want to lost body fat for anybody else; I want to lose it for me. I want to get to a place where I am proud of my body both in physique and in ability. I love weightlifting, and the feeling of pushing up against something that wants to hold you down. I love the shake in my legs that begin towards the end of my workout. I love the soreness that chews on my muscles throughout the day. Every time I sit or stand or move, I’m reminded of the work I’ve put in for my body, and reminded of the work I want to continue to put into my body. 


This week I cannot tell a difference in my thighs. Which makes sense since I have not been very on top of getting my squats in every day, and henceforth haven’t upped the weight as much as I should. However! I see a huge difference in my calves, which is super exciting. I ran a 5k on Saturday, and will start training for a half marathon this week (more on that to come) so progress there is also appreciated. Here is my comparison between Pre-squat Challenge and Today.

Today was on the right and Pre-Week 1 is on the left.

I can see a huge difference in how much fat is on my thighs, especially hanging around my knees. My calves also appear to look more defined.

End of Week 1 on the Left and Today on the Right

This picture is harder to see a difference, and I think part of that reason is the difference in my positioning. I think the view on the right is more accurate, so I’ll be more intentional to keep taking progress pictures from that position. There does appear to be a little less fat hanging over my knees, but again it’s hard to tell. But! Either way progress is progress! Especially compared to Pre-Week 1! I’m excited to continue this week! Thank you all for your support!

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Comment Below your favorite ways to maintain motivation! Also feel free to post your own progress pics and strategy!