30 Day Squat Challenge: Week 3

30 Day Squat Challenge: Week 3

This week, I really stepped up on the amount of weight I was lifting. On Wednesday I completed 10 sets of ten barbell squats with 70 pounds and two more sets of ten with 75 pounds. It felt amazing. After I completed all my sets, I felt powerful. Blood coursed through my veins, and my post squat mirror check out assured me that my muscles are growing. I was not nearly as sore as I anticipated, however. Not that soreness is the complete mark of a successful workout, but it helps me to feel accomplished. The squats themselves are becoming easier, which is progress. I can do one hundred or 200 body weight squats in sets of ten with no problem. I am proud of that, but I want more.

Mixing things up and adjusting the training plan

This week, I had some prior obligations over Memorial Day weekend. I was going to go up to the camp that I’d worked at in college to volunteer and help set camp up for the summer. Friday to Monday I would be up in the mountains moving picnic tables, old appliances, tarps, chairs, and cleaning every square inch of space that I could find. It was a lot of work. I hit at least 21,000, 17,266, and 17,863 steps each of the days I was there. For these days, I decided to forgo my squats. We were lifting and moving so much that I honestly felt like I had done at least 200 weighted squats. After arriving home, my legs are aching, and I have bruises all over my thighs from hitting them against said heavy objects. (You’ll see them in the results 😊

Changing Plans to fit my next goals 

For this next week, I am going to keep doing 100 squats a day, but I am going to change up how they are weighted. Instead of doing 100 squats at a lighter weight. I am going to do 5 sets of 10 at about 75 pounds. Then I will raise the weight by 5 pounds for the rest of the 5 sets. Hopefully this will leave me hurting and my muscles growing. I will do this every other day. On my off days, I am going to do bodyweight squats, sumo squats, and Bavarian split squats. This will accompany my running program. We have been running four times a week in preparation for a half marathon. (more on that in a later post).
This is last week, on the Right, and Today on the Left.

Pre-week 1 on the Right, Today on the left.

The Results

This week my results are not easily seen. The bruising on my legs have left my thighs swollen, so definition is not easily seen. The main difference I notice is in my calves. They look like they have grown a lot, especially compared to Week 1. It may not be the results I was expecting, but I am happy with them. I am excited to be going into the last week and a half of this challenge. The growth I have seen thus far has been amazing, and I cannot wait to compare the final few weeks back to the beginning of the challenge.

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How has the squat challenge been for you? What progress has you seen thus far?