Endgame and A Love of Superheroes. DISCLAIMER: There are Endgame Spoilers in Here!

DISCLAIMER: Avengers Discussion Below!! If you Don’t want any Spoilers Don’t Read!!!

Date Night at Endgame
This weekend I finally was able to watch Avengers Endgame. Full disclaimer, I love superhero movies. I love the adventure, the fight scenes, the friendships. Together they create a drama and excitement that I cannot look away from. Obviously this is a feeling shared amongst Americans as Endgame grosses of $1 Billion internationally on opening weekend. Something about superheroes captures our imaginations, and takes us far beyond the universe as we know it.

Human Curiosity, Aliens, Heroes and Universes beyond the Stars
Part of the appeal comes from our natural human curiosity. These aliens and heroes have come from places we have never seen, and it intrigues us to get to travel to universes beyond the stars that we can see. It also taps into our desire to understand natural laws. When Rocket and Nebula fire up the spaceship, and launch through a wormhole to another universe, it stretches our understanding of the universe around us. They pull us into a place where anything is possible, where we as humans can reach the stars in ways that aren’t currently possible.

United by a love of our planet
This doesn’t explain the deep spiritual stirring that these movies evoke in me. After the snap is reversed, and the other half of the universe is brought back into existence, there is a moment when Captain America, Thor and Iron Man have been decimated by Thanos. Even without the Infinity Stones, Thanos swiftly dismantles the three men. Thanos calls out decrying the joy he will feel at the destruction of Earth, the “stubborn” planet. Captain America drags his busted body up to face the Titan. Then from behind him, the other superheroes who had recently been snapped back into existence appear. These people of all different species, all different colors, all different backgrounds band together, just to prove how “stubborn” Earthlings really are. This scene made me cry. Unapologetically, unabashedly, I cried. I know it’s just a movie; I know it’s not real, but seeing a mismatched group of beings band together to defeat a common beasty evoked tears. Especially in our current political climate, we have become so divided. Conversations about disagreements turn into shouting matches, and instead of ideas being passed around and expounded on, we are banding on two sides trying to tear down each other. For a moment, when watching Endgame, we were not strangers watching a film. We were people experiencing a bonding that does not happen normally. Despite our different backgrounds, fields of work, political views, if that screen had opened up allowing us to pass into that world, we all would have fought amongst the heroes we love.

Wonderwoman Costume
Me and the Boyf at Halloween just to prove how much of a superhero nerd I am :)

Hidden Goodness within Ourselves
One can’t name an example of a superhero who refuses to save someone because of their political views, race, sexual orientation. Because to us they aren’t super, and they aren’t heroes. We admire Captain American, Thor, Black Widow, Scarlett Witch and Captain Marvel, because they fight for the greater good. They look into themselves, pulling out a piece of goodness that many of us cannot find in ourselves. Superheroes often get a bad rep, because during battle scenes they have this moment, where they unlock something inside themselves that unleashes enough power to defeat the bad guy. While I understand the argument, that this doesn’t really count as character development, we watch and enjoy it, because it encourages us to look inside ourselves. When Wonder Woman realizes that she is the daughter of a god, and can defeat Ares, we feel that we have a piece of power in ourselves that can be unlocked. These movies convince us that we each possess a goodness, a strength that can propel us through any darkness, and any hardship that we experience. My favorite example of this in Endgame was Black Widow and HawkEye when they go to achieve the Soul Stone. Both have a troubled past to different extents, but they both find strength and love within themselves to show each other the greatest love that they can. Black Widow sacrifices herself for Clint, and for the world. She was able to unlock a goodness that allowed her to become the greatest hero. (In my opinion, she is the greatest hero in Endgame. There is no greater love, than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends 😊)
I loved Endgame. I will watch it again, particularly whenever I feel that I need a boost-an internal boost, a boost about the goodness of humanity, and a boost about the power we can harness when we work together as one humanity.

Comment below your favorite part of Endgame, and which superhero calls to the greatness within you!