The Walk to Work Challenge

My Summer Challenge

I have been living in Moscow for the summer, working a job on campus 5 days a week. The weather has been beautiful most days, so my roommate and I have decided to walk to work every day. I thought at first that I would hate it; I have to wake up earlier, I have to take a lot more time out of my day to travel, and sometimes the weather is less than ideal. However, the more I walked the more I loved to walk! 

The Physical Benefits of Walking 

Of course, one of the most important benefits is that I get a lot of more exercise throughout the day. Now, I am not saying that a walk is a sufficient form of exercise for someone my age, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to be slightly more active each day! What are my alternatives? Sitting and watching a show on Netflix before work? Oversleeping and spending the day drowsy? Even though walking isn’t the tough, fat-burning, muscle-building workout I force myself through most days, it still has a ton of benefits! Walking outside daily helps to improve your mood, speeds up your metabolism, improves digestion, and builds your immune system. I have also noticed that being out in the sun has helped to clear up my face and has given me a nice natural tan! I also love the natural highlight my hair gets from being out in the sun daily :) 

My Favorite Part of Walking

            All of that is great stuff, but my favorite part about walking is seeing the beauty in my city on my route to work that I never notice while driving. When you drive, your eyes are on the road. You can’t look around at everything inspiring and fascinating around you. I have seen crazy beautiful views that I have missed in my two years of living there. I have captured pictures of flowers and run into cute dogs and funny kids. It has been the very best part of this summer so far. I have made it my mission to capture as many pictures as possible from my walk; there is something new and interesting every day :). I will post a few of them below, but my collection will be continually growing every day! 

My Challenge to You

            At this point, I would like to propose a challenge. Every day for 30 short days, walk everywhere you can. I am not asking you to walk to the grocery store or an hour to work every day, but if the walk is under 30 minutes and completely safe, take the time to investigate your city in a new way! It will do more than improve your health and quality of life, it will also help save gas and reduce emissions. If you are headed to your friends house for lunch and they live a mere 10 minute walk away, then do it! If work is under 30 minutes away, walk there! If your school is close to home, relax after school and walk home! I promise that you will not miss the extra half hour and you will feel better every day.

            An alternative to this challenge is taking your bike places. You can get a lot further on your bike obviously, so definitely the longer commutes can be made possible by a bike. The reason I prefer walking over biking is that when you walk you can inspect the world around you. When you bike, you must watch where you are going. You also must find a place to park your bike when you get to your location. However, if it is between biking or driving, biking is always better!

            Are you up for the challenge? Comment below your favorite way to stay active and in the outdoors!