Unique Adventure Ideas for June

Unique Adventure Ideas for June

A new month means new adventures! June is just around the corner, and I am looking forward to all of the new memories I will be making with those that I love. As many of you know, I have quite the addiction to celebrating random holidays, so I have compiled a new list of celebration plans for June’s random holidays! Remember, these ideas are for family, friends, and significant others. Tweak them to fit your interests and your lifestyle and budget! These are only meant to inspire your festivities :)

1 – National Trails Day – For this very special day, I intend to take a few friends and hike the beautiful Moscow Mountain. It is a Wednesday, so it will have to be a short hike, but find a pretty, short hike near you and take your significant other or a group of friends on an adventure, enjoying nature! It is great physical activity and stress relief!

2 – National Rocky Road Day – A new ice cream shop has recently opened in downtown Moscow; June 2 seems like the perfect day for an after-work ice cream. The place in Moscow has amazing flavors like red lentil curry, honey rose, and butter mint, and they are all so good! Find your coolest and most interesting ice cream shop in town and take a trip, sample as many flavors as they will let you, and enjoy a large scoop…or two…or three :)

4 – Applesauce cake day, Hug your cat day – I have never made an applesauce cake…but I will on June 4th! I am not a baker at all, but I love to try new things and experiment. If it doesn’t turn out, find some place in town that makes and sells applesauce cake and go on a dessert date there. After you have enjoyed your delicious applesauce cake, head to the animal shelter to hug some lonely cats. Who knows? You may find a forever friend. If you have a cat, spend some time adventuring with your cat! Bond a little!

5 – World Environment Day – This is a really important day, and it should be celebrated by enjoying the outdoors. A picnic or hike or walk in the park would be a great idea. I will probably spend the day at Coeur d’Alene Lake, swimming, paddle boarding, and relaxing in the sun. Go outside and just enjoy the environment! Spend as much of the day outside as possible. Another great way to celebrate is to walk around your local green spaces picking up trash. I used to take my dog and a trash bag and pick up as much as I could find. He got a nice walk, I got a nice walk, and we all enjoyed the beauty of our city.

6 – National Gardening Exercise Day – Whatever yard space or balcony space or window-sill space you have, turn it into a beautiful oasis. I love flowers outside, so I always fill my yard with flowers! I make it my mission to plant my entire garden with clearance flowers…they sometimes aren’t the prettiest at first, and they need a little extra love, but they grow and bloom beautifully over time! Take some time on this day to plant whatever type of plants you love. Indoors, outdoors, one plant, or as many plants as possible; it doesn’t matter! This is a great way to contribute to your environmental wellness and make your home an oasis. As an alternative, I love to support the local beehives by planting pots full of neonic-free flowers. Make sure the flowers that you buy will support bee health rather than kill them—we need the bees to live!

7 – National Donut Day, VCR Day – On this day, I intend to make Malasadas or other homemade donuts with friends, drag out my old VCR, and have a donut-eating, old movie marathon. Maybe baking isn’t your thing….In that case, go get some donuts from the most trendy donut place in town! Try some new weird ones and just don’t worry about calories for a day! If you do not have a VCR, that’s fine. Watch a movie or two and just remember the times when we had to rewind the entire movie after watching it before it could be watched again. Those were the days.

8 – Best Friends Day, World Ocean Day – Spend this day with your friends :). I do not live near the ocean, but my friends and I will be spending our day at the nearest body of water! All bodies of water come from or lead to the ocean anyways, right? If you are feeling extra giving, take some time to clean up the beach or shore you are hanging out at, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor by relaxing on a nice, clean beach  :).

9 – Donald Duck Day, National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day – Now I said I am not a baker, but I once made the best rhubarb cobbler ever! My encore has arrived! On June 9th, I will be making strawberry rhubarb pie with my friends or boyfriend or both, and we will watch all the mickey mouse cartoons in honor of the noble Donald Duck. If you are one of the lucky few that live close to a Disney Park, go pay Donald a visit on his special day. He deserves it, that’s for sure!

10 – Herb and Spices Day, Iced Tea Day – One of my favorite things to do with friends is just sit out on the patio and catch up. Invite people over you haven’t seen in a while. Us some of the herbs you planted on National Gardening Exercise Day and make some cute and delicious appetizers. Make some delicious iced tea drinks and just sit outside and catch up. This holiday is a great day to water your friendships.

11 – National Corn on the Cob Day – This is another day I intend to just grill and enjoy the outdoors. Have a few people over, and have them each bring a part of the meal. This is just another great day to catch up with those that you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Or maybe this is a great holiday for a long overdue family dinner. Some of my favorite memories are summer days grilling and eating on the patio with my family.

12 – National Jerky Day, National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, National Red Rose Day – I don’t know about you all, but I only ever ate jerky on road trips, so take the day and go on a little road trip. My friends and I love driving to and exploring nearby towns. It is a great way to get to know your area. Buy some jerky and peanut butter cookies and road trip to a place that interests you nearby. Make it a fun day trip. If the place you go has a flower shop, make a stop and grab some roses.

13 – Sewing Machine Day – The only thing I have ever sewn was my high school t-shirt quilt. I honestly adore it, but it would be really fun to learn how to sew some cute clothes for myself too. On this day, I might go find a cheap pattern, take my best friend (who is great at sewing) and find something easy and fun to sew. If there are sewing lessons in your area, sign up! Maybe you will find a new passion or hidden talent!

14 – Monkey Around Day – Play sets never get old if we are being honest. When was the last time you released your inner child and played on a play set?? It has been a while for me. However, Coeur d’Alene has an amazing play set that is made out of wood and built like a castle. You best believe me and a few of my friends are headed there for a day of monkeying around. You are NEVER too old for it!

15 – National Nature Photography Day – If you can’t tell already…I love nature, so this is a great day to me! Go out in nature and photograph the beauty that you see. My friends and I do a photo session all together almost every year, and this is a great day to make it happen. Pray for some nice weather, dress up, and go take “family” photos!

16 – Father’s Day – This one is a no brainer; go hang out with your dad or father figure. They deal with our crazy—the least we can do is spend the day doing something they love. My dad loves spending time at our lake house, so I am sure for that day we will go to the lake and just spend the day together, eating, drinking, boating, and enjoying our time together.

17 – Eat Your Vegetables Day – A lot of times when we make food, we make the meat the star of the dish. On June 17, make the vegetables the star of the dish. Challenge yourself to eat mostly vegetables this day. Not only is it really healthy to do so, you may find that you love vegetables more than you realized. Maybe have a potluck and ask your friends to bring dishes where the vegetables are the star of the show.

18 – Go Fishing Day, International Picnic Day, International Sushi Day, National Splurge Day – This is a big day with a lot to celebrate, and unfortunately it is a Tuesday, so you may have to pick and choose what you celebrate. If you like fishing and are able to fish, take friends or family or your significant other and fish the day away! If you can take what you catch, make a dinner that day out of the fruits of your labor. Another option is to have a sushi picnic or go out to sushi. My boyfriend and I order sushi to go and put together a picnic in the park. It feels high end but relaxed at the same time, and honestly it is so fun! We even went to a pottery place and painted our own sushi set, so that can be a bonus idea if you are into that. Whatever you do, make sure to splurge because you deserve it!

19 – World Sauntering Day – My friends and I used to have dog walking parties where we would take our dogs and just saunter around town wherever we wanted to go. We would talk and laugh and have a great time, and the weird looks that we received from the public were quite priceless!

20 – Ice Cream Soda Day, National Bald Eagle Day – There is a lake close to where I live where bald eagles live and hunt. If you have bald eagles in your area, grab an ice cream soda and bird watch for a few hours. Sometimes just sitting out in nature is the most relaxing. It also provides great opportunity to talk and bond with whoever you bring with.

21 – Go Skate Day, International Yoga Day, National Selfie Day, Take a Road Trip Day, Take Your Dog to Work Day – This is another busy day! It is the middle of summer, so most of us can’t ice skate, but go to your local roller rink and roller skate around! My friends and I have a roller skating party roughly once a year and have a great time :). Maybe next you head to a yoga class, or do group yoga together. One time we tried challenging group yoga poses together and had a lot of laughs! We were not good at all, but it was a really great time, and the pictures are legendary. Polish the day off with a fun, short road trip. Go to a nearby town, monument, or park and make some memories. Let your dog tag along for as much of the special day as possible! And do not forget to take all the pictures of all the shenanigans!

22 – National Chocolate Éclair Day – This one is a no brainer: try making chocolate éclairs, and, if that doesn’t work, go and buy them. Éclairs are amazing and I am so excited to see if I have the talent to make them….

23 – National Columnists Day, National Pink Day – Last month, I believe, was National Purple Day, so this is part 2 of that challenge. Go to Goodwill and buy your significant other or one of your friends the most pink outfit you can find. Then, go out to dinner or lunch all together in your ridiculous pink outfits. Finish off the night by watching Mean Girls because, come on, it’s a classic. Also, when is the last time you have read the newspaper? Take the time this morning with your coffee to read the paper and appreciate the hard work of the local writers in your town.

24 – National Swim a Lap Day – Our college has “Dive In Movies” where you watch a movie while floating around in the swimming pool on campus. It is a super fun day to enjoy the water and hang out all together. My friends and I have a great time. Go free swim at your local pool or have another beach day. If you live close to a water park, go have a blast on the waterslides and relax in the lazy river. Just go swimming on this day.

25 – Log Cabin Day – I am going to spend this day at the family lake cabin with either my family or my friends or both. If you do not have a cabin, try and mooch off of a friend who does. Perhaps Airbnb a cabin for a few days and have a mini friend or family vacation. Take advantage of summer!

26 – Beautician’s Day, National Canoe Day – I am excited for this day because I have been planning a double date with my friend and her boyfriend to go and get pedicures all together. It will be the funniest to go to a spa day with our boyfriends! I am all about seeing their reactions to the crazy beauty practices we put ourselves through. We live near a lake, so we will finish off the relaxing day canoeing around the lake, having races and water fights. You are never too old for a canoe water fight.

27 – Sun Glasses Day – My college friends and I have a tradition where we explore downtown together, thrift shop for cheap but cute sunglasses, and get delicious fruity drinks from a coffee shop. This seems like the perfect tradition for June 27!

28 – Paul Bunyan Day – I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up watching the Paul Bunyan Disney short. This is the perfect day to have a Disney shorts viewing party marathon! Have everyone bring snacks and just enjoy the show.

29 – Camera Day, International Mud Day, Waffle Iron Day – This seems like the perfect day to find the closest mud pit, have an intense mud fight, take crazy pictures of you all covered in mud, and finish the day off with some warm, fluffy waffles. My friends and I have a mud fight every summer, and then we wash off my jumping in the lake nearby or hosing off. It is a great time filled with mud slides and laughs. If you have a mud run in your town this summer, celebrate this holiday by participating in the run even if it is on a different day.

30 – Meteor Day – One of my favorite memories as a child is watching a meteor shower on our swim dock. It was beautiful and so fun! On this holiday, stargaze. Make some hot chocolate, roast some s’mores and stargaze the night away. Do not forget to download a great stargazing playlist for the evening.

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