Push Up Challenge Week 1

Push Up Challenge Week 1

I have officially completed Week one of the push up challenge. I was NOT prepared for it. Holy Lanta. The first four days destroyed my chest muscles. For reference, I have not been able to complete deep push ups from my toes in quite some time. I have always struggled with push ups in general, let alone from my toes, to read more about my pushup struggle click here 😊. I went into the challenge knowing that I would be starting out on my knees, with the goal that by the end of the challenge I may be able to complete the whole set on my toes. I was not prepared for the intense muscle hell-fire that would be burning throughout my chest, lats and biceps for the first four days. I have not been that sore in my upper body for a long time, especially since I have been focused more on running and less on weightlifting. It burned. For those four days, I couldn’t raise my arms above my shoulders, or even raise them at all. I probably should have adjusted the plan and challenge at this point. My chest was burning, my arms ached and instead of making the better choice and letting my body recover. I powered through, pushing myself.

So for the next three days, I completed all 55 pushups on my knees. The only adjustment I made on the fourth day, was I was on my knees, and raised myself up on a step (essentially doing wall pushups from my knees). While I felt wimpy doing it like this; it was necessary. At that point, I would not have finished all the sets because I was so sore. After day four, it was apparent that I give my body time to recover. I still ached. Maybe worse than the days before, and I had planned on going out of town to go wine tasting with my family. I decided to take the weekend off. I gave my body two full days of recovery time. The soreness slowly started to dissipate from my muscles as the lactic acid worked its way out of them. I was able to lift my arms above my shoulders and return to having the functionality of a normal human.

While breaks are great, I realized the downfall to taking them. I had gotten out of the habit of completing pushups daily. Monday was a real struggle. I did not want to do them. I kept thinking back to those four days the week prior when I felt like crap, and like I wasn’t getting any stronger. As the days went on, I was able to do fewer and fewer pushups at all, let alone with good technique or well. Luckily, my boyfriend convinced me to do them. He got down on the floor with me, and we pumped out those fifty-five pushups. I was even more pleased, when I woke up on Tuesday morning and I didn’t feel like my arms were going to fall from their sockets. That evening when I completed my pushups, I was pleasantly surprised to feel good about them. They were still on my knees, not glamorous, not with great technique, but I finished them without feeling like death. Long story short, I finally feel like they are getting easier, and I am getting stronger. Praise! I was regretting my decision to do this challenge in lieu of a few others, but this gives me hope that I will be able to complete this challenge and reach my goal of fifty-five pushups from my toes by the end of the month.

How is the pushup challenge going for you all so far? What have been your biggest setbacks and successes? Comment Below!