Unique Adventure Ideas for July

July 1—To celebrate Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, my boyfriend and I wanted to go to the local ice cream shop in Moscow that has the craziest most delicious flavors like honey rose, buttermint, and red lentil curry ice cream. However, they obviously did not get the memo…. So we ended up going to dairy queen for burgers and blizzards. It was a very good time!

For the second half of the holiday, National Postal Worker Day, I wrote and sent a letter to a friend that I hadn’t written in a while. We used to be penpals, but last semester I got so busy that I kind of let my constant writing slip through the cracks. Finally, I wrote and sent an update letter with a lot of love! In my opinion, letters are much more special than texts. Something about the other person taking the time to write and send the letter is very special.

July 2—World UFO Day should be celebrated by watching your favorite alien movie. Personally, I am not crazy into aliens, but I will be celebrating with my favorite cinematic aliens like Disney’s Aliens, Monsters vs. Aliens, ET, the Psych alien episode, the classic Robin Williams show Mork and Mindy, or maybe some bingeing of Supergirl. We will see!

July 3—During summer, we are always told to get outside and enjoy the sun. Sometimes though, all we need is a comfy day in. On this Stay out of the Sun Day, get a good book and just enjoy your solitude. It can be very therapeutic to just be on your own left to your thoughts in your own comfy space.

July 4—Independence Day! For the Fourth, my entire family meets up at our lake house, has a potluck lunch, a bonfire with delicious s’mores, and some fireworks. I am a strong believer in every holiday being about family and friends. Make some plans with the family this year and really enjoy your day of celebration!

July 5—National  Apple Turnover Day and National Bikini Day seems like a great time to go to the beach or a nice pool with a packed out lunch and some apple turnovers for dessert! Spend the whole day outside!

July 6—One great high school memory of mine is once a semester my friend’s mom would bring us an entire bucket of fried chicken and biscuits and sides and my friends and I would feast! It was very unhealthy, but absolutely worth it! For this National Fried Chicken Day, have a feast with your friends on some fried chicken.

July 7—Moscow has this adorable little chocolate shop. Chocolate day seems like a great day to go and try some delicious truffles and chocolate bars. Maybe get a few little gift bags for friends that need a pick me up.

July 8—We all have those old games we used to play as kids that give us the best nostalgia. On Video Games Day, play those old games with your friends. Have everyone bring a prize and their favorite old game. Have big tournaments for each game and give the prizes to the winner. This would be a super fun double or triple date.

July 9—It’s National Sugar Cookie Day and I am all about cookie dough. Make some eggless cookie dough and enjoy a good movie with friends!

July 11—One of the best ways to cheer up a lonely friend, in my opinion, is to bring her food. On Cheer up the Lonely Day and National Blueberry Muffins Day, invite your lonely friends to a muffin baking party. My friends love baking together. It is a great conversational activity, and the prize at the end is a delicious muffin!

July 12—A lot of these days are centered around dessert, so maybe a good workout plan for the month is a good idea….However, on Pecan Pie Day it wouldn’t be right not to go out to your local bakery and pick up a delicious pie! If you are allergic or just do not like nuts, then buying a different type of pie would not be the end of the world at all :) !

July 13—We all have an inner geek, so for Embrace Your Geekness Day….do just that! Embrace your geekiness! That is something different for every person, but for me that is pulling out my old DS and enjoying some throwback Pokemon Diamond, watching Harry potter back to back, and maybe throwing a star wars in there if I can :) Finish off your long day of geeking with some French fries and a burger from your favorite spot. National French Fries Day deserves your time and attention!

July 14—Bastille Day and Shark Awareness Day do not seem to go together….but they do! …Kind of… I suggest listening to exclusively Bastille all day (even though Bastille day is really about French history, it also is a great time to give an awesome band some well-deserved love) and making your way either to the ocean or your local aquarium to give our sharks some much needed love! You could also go out for a fancy fresh dinner, or even just grab a croissant at your local bakery :)

July 15—Tapioca Pudding Day seems like a day you should just enjoy some tapioca pudding. Or all puddings. Once, my boyfriend and I purchased the most obscure puddings we could and played a blindfolded pudding flavor guessing game. It was quite a time :)

July 16—Fresh Spinach Day is a great day to recover from all of the dessert we have eaten this month…. Have a nice spinach salad lunch or some other iteration of spinach. Make something yummy! For World Snake Day, one could either go to an aquarium (again), but this time one that also has reptiles, or maybe just hit up the zoo! I love a good zoo trip!

July 17—National Hot Dog Day and Peach Ice Cream Day should be celebrated with a little barbecue get together with friends and family. Call it fourth of July round two and just have a fun time with loved ones eating grilled hot dogs and (preferably) fresh, homemade, peach ice cream!

July 18—National Caviar Day. Two words: sushi date. My girl friends and I always used to go on regular sushi dates. Highly suggest dressing up all classy and taking the time to plan a day with the girls or guys for some fresh sushi.

July 19—National Raspberry Cake Day seems like a great day for a bake off. I love having these with friends or as a double or triple date. Something laughable always happens which creates lasting memories. If you want to be really extra (which I highly support), hike to the closest wild raspberry bushes and harvest your own berries for your cake :).

July 20—This date has four holidays: National Ice Cream Soda Day, National Lollipop Day, Moon Day, Ugly Truck Day. To me, all of these things really summarize a nice summer day. I suggest having a backyard party with lawn games, maybe a slip n’ slide, a bouncy castle water slide, or just some good old fashioned ice blocking in the park. **It has come to my attention that people that are not from Southern Idaho do not know that ice blocking is…..It is when you go to Walmart or a gas station and get an ice block from the ice chest there. Then you go find a hill and slide down the hill on the ice block. Super fun, super easy, and everyone loves it!** Anyways, throughout that party you are sure to get hungry—provide refreshing ice cream sodas and homemade lce pops. Perfect for a hot summers day. Finish the day off with an evening stargazing….or moongazing to be more on brand….preferably in the back of a truck!

July 21—National Ice Cream Day and National Junk Food Day should only be celebrated without any guilt. Take your friends and all go and donate blood. Donating blood burns around 600 calories—score! Even out that caloric deficit with some Olympic snacking. Have a movie marathon, relax, and enjoy your favorite foods after doing a great deed.

July 22—Hammock Day, if you have not read my Health Benefits of Hammocking post yet, is sure to be a highlight for me this month. I have been all into the hammocking! It is so relaxing! Take your significant other or some friends and find a nice, secluded, relaxing spot to set up camp for a few hours. Some of the best conversations I have had have been hammocking!

July 23—Vanilla Ice Cream Day is, not so unfortunately, extremely close to National Ice Cream Day. As a tribute to my parents who watch Hawaii50 and eat a little ice cream for dessert most nights they can, I suggest an evening of watching your favorite show with friends, eating classic, vanilla ice cream!

July 24—Amelia Earhart Day and Cousins Day do not seem to fit, but maybe a classic Night at the Museum 2 date with your cousins would be a win. Maybe precede your movie with a trip to a local museum to nurture your intellectual wellness.

July 25—On Culinarians Day, cook something super fancy that you have always wanted to try but have been too scared to! We all have that one dish that we have seen and craved, but never thought we were good enough to make it. What is the internet for if not to learn how to make any kind of food we want on a whim?? For me, that is a souffle. This is my month, I guess… pictures of this to come I am sure….

July 26—Aunt and Uncle Day is an easy one. If you live in the same place as your aunt and uncle, do something with them that they enjoy. Make a memory! If they do not live close by, send them some love in the form of some flowers, a facetime date, a phone call, or at the very least a well thought out text message.

July 27—National Day of the Cowboy just wouldn’t be right without horses. As it is also Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day, perhaps you can take your house plant for a horse back ride…. Lots of places have dude ranches where you can go on a guided horse ride. Why not? Horses are cool, these excursions are not madly expensive, and it is something different and interesting!

July 28—National Milk Chocolate Day and Parent's Day  seem like great days to make chocolate lava cakes with my parents. We do this every Valentine’s Day as a family. That is one thing that I really appreciated about my parents: they never ditched us on Valentine’s Day to go on romantic dates together. It was always a fancy family dinner instead. I crave lava cakes all the time though, so why not have another day to enjoy chocolate lave cakes to tide me over until the next V-Day.

July 29—Interntional Tiger Day and National Chicken Wing Day should be celebrated by another trip to the zoo followed by a chicken wing feast. I love the zoo, and local zoos do a lot to support wildlife conservation. Support that by going more than once a season and really enjoying the environment :). If you are going as a family, let your kid purchase the stuffed animal of their favorite animal that they saw that day. We had that tradition when I was a kid, and honestly I loved it!

July 30—National Cheesecake Day, Father-in-Law Day, International Day of Friendship would probably best be celebrated by heading out to a Cheesecake Factory (If you have one in town, of course) with family and friends. Have a nice lunch, dinner, or just dessert date, talking, catching up, and bonding over one of the best foods in the world.

July 31--Mutt's Day is the perfect day to either spend the day with your own mutt, hiking, swimming, playing ball, hanging at the dog park, or just cuddling. If you do not have a mutt of your own, go to the animal shelter and give some love to the mutts that do not have a family to celebrate them this year. They deserve all of the love and attention!