August Movie Workouts

What is a Movie Workout?

If you have read my last post (which is about alternative workouts that are not running or going to the gym), you know that I love movie workouts. I am a fan of movies and Netflix is my streaming platform of choice, so sometimes it is nice to integrate that into my workout routine. If you do not know what a movie workout is, it is when you plan a set of exercises to correspond with what happens in a movie. For example, for a horror movie you might say: Every time someone is murdered do 10 pushups.  I like doing movie workouts most with friends, so we get a group together and then suffer simultaneously :). However, sometimes it is nice when I am being lazy and watching something on my own to make it into a workout and stop being so stagnant. 
It is kind of fun watching for the different cues and trying to keep up with all the workouts; it is also

a lot harder than you might think! However, the great thing about these workouts is you can really make them your own. I have created some outlines with suggestion, but feel free to use these as just inspiration!  Change the workouts based on your fitness level! It is important that you are able to continue throughout the movie, so if you need to drastically decrease the reps, that is completely acceptable and encouraged! If you are able to do a lot more than this, substitute workouts for something more challenging or do the weighted alternative of each workout. Really have fun with it and make it your own!
I chose a few sections of Netflix that I frequent and wrote out some movie workouts for you all to try this month. Hopefully there is something for everyone! If you have any requests or suggestions for future movies I should choose, leave them in the comments below!

TV Show: iZombie

               I was very into this show for quite a while. Since the new season has just been added to Netflix, I figured this is a perfect one to start with. This show is about Liv who was turned into a zombie after a zombie outbreak at a yacht party she attended. The change gave her many new abilities which she ends up using to help solve crimes in Seattle. It is a very amusing, funny, and dramatic show with lots of twists and turns. I highly suggest giving this show a watch and doing a little workout while you binge!

Every Time a Brain is Cooked and Eaten: 15 Pushups of choice

Every Time Live Acts Like a Brain She Ate: 10 Squats

Every Time Ravi Makes a Scientific Breakthrough: 10 Bent Donkey Kicks on Each Leg

Any Time Liv Has a Flashback or Vision: 20 Mountain Climbers

Anytime You Hear the Word Utopium: 10 Situps

Any Time Clive and Liv Interrogate Someone: Plank Throughout or As Long As Possible

Any Time They Inspect a Crime Scene: High Knees Throughout

Any Time They are Performing or Discussing Results of an Autopsy: Crunches of Choice Throughout

Any Time Major and Live Have a Moment: 30 Flutter Kicks

Any Time Blaine Does Something Bad: 10 Lunges

Any Time Liv and Peyton Have a Frienship Moment: 20 Calf Raises

When They Catch the Killer: 10 burpees

Action: Paul Blart Mall Cop

This movie is a classic that we all probably watched as kids. I remember when it came out on Disney, and I thought it was just a hilarious and touching movie. It is about Paul Blart, obviously, who works as a mall security guard which garners little respect. He ends defending the mall from a large mall heist and finally earns the respect he deserves! While you are watching this movie for nostalgia, do a little workout :)

Any Time Paul Fails at Policework: 10 pushups

Any Time Paul Expertly Maneuvers with His Segway: 10 situps

Any Time Paul Flirts with Amy: Crunches of Choice Throughout

For Each Hostage Taken by the Bad Guys, do: 10 squats

For Every Popular Store You Recognize in the Mall, do: 20 Calf Raises

Every Time Paul Takes Out a Bad Guy: 10 Straight Leg Donkey Kicks

Any Time Anyone Communicated Over the Phone or Mall Speakers: Plank Throughout

Any Time Maya and Paul Have a Moment: 20 Fire Hydrants

Children and Family: The Princess and the Frog

This is a 10/10 classic Disney movie! It is about a Tiana, a New Orleans Woman who dreams of opening a restaurant in her father’s honor. She ends up being turned into a frog with Prince Naveen because of voodoo magic. The movie is about her and Naveen’s mission to return to their human lives. :)

During a Song: Do Crunches of Choice Throughout

Whenever Naveen Flirts with Anyone: 10 pushups of choice

Whenever Tiana Cooks: 30 situps

Whenever Dr. Facilier Performs Voodoo Magic: Russian Twists Throughout

Whenever Louis Play his Trumpet: 30 squats

Whenever Ray Brings Up Evangeline: 20 Calf Raises

Whenever Lottie Mentions Her Prince: 10 Fire Hydrants on Each Leg

Whenever Mama Odie Uses Her Gumbo for Visions: Plank Throughout

Whenever Lawrence is Pretending to be Prince Naveen: 30 mountain climbers


Comedies: The Pink Panther

This movie is another classic full of slapstick humor and idiocy. While it can sometimes be painful to watch, it is definitely a movie that everyone needs to see. If you do not know, it is about this incompetent police officer who is put in charge of a high profile case. It follows his journey in solving the case. He is clumsy and embarrassing, but passionate and oddly effective :).

Any Time They are Interviewing a Suspect: Crunches of Choice

Any Time Clouseau and Nicole Interact Awkwardly: 15 Pushups

Any Time Someone Dies: 30 Squats

Any Time Anyone Says (or tries to say) Hamburger: 10 Russian Twists ;)

Any Time Clousseau Makes a Dumb Mistake: 10 Situps

Any Time the Pink Panther is Mentioned: 10 Donkey Kicks Each Leg

Dramas: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

This movie is another old movie I watched as a kid. It is cheesy and there characters are a little ridiculous, but the premise is sweet and it can be entertaining if you are in the mood for a dramatic, cheesy, girly movie. This is kind of one of my throwback guilty pleasure that I rewatch every so often :). I’m not proud of it, but it’s true! It is about four friends who find a pair of thrift store jeans that happen to fit all of them. As they are going their separate ways for summer, they decided to rotate the pants between each other in hopes of bringing them each good luck.

Any Time They Mention the Pants: 20 squats

Any Time Someone Sends or Receives the Pants: 30 Russian Twists

Any Time Lena Runs Into Kostas: Jumping Jacks Through Their Encounter

Any Time Tibby Says Something Negative: 10 Crunches of Choice

Any Time Bailey Say Something Deep: 10 lunges

Any Time Carmen is Disappointed or Neglected by Her Step Family: 10 Folding Chairs

Any Time Bridget Flirts with or Shows Off for Someone: 10 Fire Hydrants Each Leg

Any Time Any of the Girls Reunite: 20 Windshield Wipers

Any Time They are Narrating Their Letters: Plank Throughout

Horror: 47 Meters Down

This Movie is about 2 sisters who go on a trip together to Mexico. They end up meeting and having a fling with 2 guys who invite them on a shark tour. Although the boat is majorly sketchy, they agree to go. When they are both in the cage with the shark, the chain breaks and they fall in the cage 47 meters down to the ocean floor. The movie follows their journey back to surface.

Every Time The Shark is Seen: 10 Plank Dips Each Side

Every Time One of Them is Low on Air: 20 Bent Donkey Kicks Each Leg

Any Time One of Them Leaves the Safety of the Cage: Russian Twists Until They Return

Every Time They Fall to the Ocean Floor: 30 Oblique Crunches Each Side

Any Time Someone is Killed: 10 Burpees

Any Time Someone Mentions the Bends: 30 Crunches of Choice

Any Time They Think They are About to be Saved: 10 Side Lunges Each Leg

Music and Musicals: Hercules

Hercules is another classic Disney Movie. It is Disney’s play on the Greek myth involving Hercules. It is about a demigod who must become a true hero to return to Olympus with his family. There are lots of lovable characters—even the villains are pretty lovable :)—there is plenty of classic Disney romance, and great music.

Every Time Hercules Fights a Monster: Hip Raises Throughout

Every Time Hercules Flirts with Meg: 10 Straight Donkey Kicks Each Leg

Every Time Pegasus Expresses Dislike for Meg: 10 Sumo Squats

Any Time there is a Song: Wall Sit Throughout

Any Time Meg is Sarcastic: 10 Leg Raises Each Leg

Any Time Pain and Panic Transform: 10 Side Lunges Each Leg

Any Time Zeus Throws a Lighting Bolt: 10 Squat Jumps

Any Time Hades Bursts into Flames or is Extinguished: 10 Lunges Each Leg

For Each Titan: 10 Frog Jumps

Any Time Phil is Cynical: 50 Arm Circles Each Direction

Romantic Movies: Penelope

This movie is not as well-known as all of the others. It is about a girl who is born with a kid nose because one of her ancestors was cursed. The story follows her attempt to free herself from her curse. It is funny, interesting, unique and inciteful and also has a great romance as well :)

During the Flashback: Russian Twists Throughout

Anytime Someone Mentions a Pig: 20 Crunches of Choice

Anytime Someone Mentions the Curse: 20 Windshield Wipers

Each Time a Suitor Jumps Out the Window: 20 Oblique Crunches

Each Time Max Visits or Runs into Penelope: Plank as Long as Possible or Until Scene Ends

Each Time Edward Calls Her a Monster: 20 Jumping Jacks

Each Time Her Nose is Revealed: 10 Pushups of Choice

Each Time Her Mom Overreacts: 10 Fire Hydrants Each Leg

Every Time Someone Says Blueblood: 20 Situps

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Planet51

               This cheesy Disney movie can be amusing at times. It is about an astronaut who travels to another planet and finds an entire civilization of aliens. He ends up trapped there needing help from some locals to find his ship and return home. This movie is pretty ridiculous, but it has a lot of cute, imaginative details that make for an amusing movie if you are in that kind of mood.

Any Time Chuck Acts Big-Headed: 30 Mountain Climbers

Any Time Lem is Nerdy: 30 High Knees

Any Time Lem Flirts with Neera: 10 Lunges Each Leg

Any Time the Robot Acts Like a Dog: 20 Jumping Jacks

Any Time They Are Almost Caught: 10 Burpees

Any Time The Spaceship is Seen: 30 Flutter Kicks

Any Time Someone’s Mind is Taken Over: 10 Pushups

Any Time They are being Chased: Russian Twists Throughout

Thrillers: Obsessed

               I watched this movie on a date with my boyfriend. It is about a creepy temp who becomes obsessed with her boss. She stalks him and follows him and makes his wife believe that he is cheating on her. She is delusional and believes that he loves her. It is a super creepy and at times frustrating movie, but we really enjoyed it :) And of course Beyonce is in it so……that’s a bonus :).

Any Time Derek Lies to or Keeps Something from Sharon: 20 Squats

Any Time the Temp Flirts with Derek: 30 hip Raises

Any Time the Temp Does Something Creepy: 30 Calf Raises

While Sharon is Fighting Lisa: Russian Twists Throughout