3 Health Reasons to FINALLY Clean Your Room

               My life is incredibly stressful with school, the blog, EMT, and lab work; I have to nurture all of these responsibilities weekly and do them well. Whenever I become overwhelmed, my room becomes FILLED with piles of clothes from the ten outfits I rejected that morning, used coffee and tea mugs from the night before when I was trying to stay awake and study, and that nasty you-have-been-in-your-room-too-long smell… I always say that my room reflects how much is on my mind. When I finally conquer my stressor, the first thing that I find myself doing is a room deep clean! Right when my room is shiny and new, I feel worlds better—like I can finally relax.

               I wanted to know how a clean room affects us, so I did a little light research and happened upon an article written by Morgan Parker, a student from Penn State, and another written by Ralph Ryback, a medical professional, from psychology today. They affirmed all of the things I had been feeling and assuming: there are clear health benefits from maintaining a clean home.

1-A Messy Room is Linked to Depression

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It is so important in college to maintain emotional health. It can be really hard sometimes to feel happy and hopeful when buried under all of your stress and your friend’s stress. It is vital to fill your arsenal with stress relieving tactics that actually work for you! Ryback noted, “women with cluttered homes expressed higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol” when discussing a study on the subject. I definitely experience that increased stress when my room is a mess, so I was not surprised to learn the mental benefits of a clean room! I feel like I could never finish all of the stuff on my plate, and my room is a reflection of that. If you are feeling overwhelmed, give your room a deep clean! You will find that it is much easier to focus and complete the millions of items on your list. 

2 – A Messy Room can Make You Sick

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Bacteria and dust and mold can cause a lot of health problems if left to fester which Parker discusses in her article. They love areas like hard to reach shelves, the shower you never wipe down, and the sheets you never wash! Taking the time each week to do a deep or semi-deep clean may improve your health overall.

I think that this is something that a lot of people ignore or forget—especially college kids. I remember accidentally leaving a dirty mug on my desk over thanksgiving break freshman year and coming back to quite the mold garden…. I am also the queen of leaving piles of laundry and dirty sheets on my bed for far too long. Sometimes it is embarrassing how long I leave things dirty…especially since I notice that I sleep much better on fresh, clean sheets. Don’t even get me started on dusting and vacuuming! So tedious! Although as the seasons change and flu season is among us, I definitely have decided to emphasize a clean room.

3 – People are more Productive with a Clean Room

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My mom used to pester me daily to make my bed, and I constantly hear from other adults and self-help blogs that making your bed is the first thing you should do in the morning. I, personally, am horrible at this part…. I am not a morning person which is definitely something I wish I could change. I am the kind of person who wakes up ten minutes before I have to leave the house and then ends up 2 minutes late to whatever I was headed to. Not a good habit at all. 

My ideal morning routing is to wake up, drink coffee, watch some HGTV, have fun putting on some makeup and choosing a cute outfit, eating a light breakfast, making my bed, and heading out the door. When I am organized enough to actually make this happen, I feel amazing and am worlds more productive the next day. A clean room really does help you study which is one of the main benefits of a clean dorm room. 

My Action Items

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1 – Make My Bed Every Morning – It won’t be that hard to complete this task if I just wake up 2 minutes earlier… Being able to return home to a nice clean bed will be such a relief, and starting completing tasks right in the morning will make set me on the right path toward getting things done!

2 – Organize Everything – Much of my mess is due to the fact that I just do not have enough space in my teeny apartment for all of my things! This week, I picked up loads of command hooks to begin organizing some of my scarves and winter items in a creative and artistic way. I think I will be able to turn it all into a wall of art! I also am going to be pinning organization techniques like crazy this coming week.....so check out our Pinterest account to follow along the "organization porn" rabbit hole that I will inevitably be falling into.... 😂  Here is the link to our Pinterest Board for some inspiration to fuel your environmental wellness fire! It has some great organization tips, décor ideas, and cleaning tips and tricks! Give it a follow and pin away!  Also, check out SimplyPut Design on Instagram for more organization strategies and tips! Implement each tip as you scroll by :) it's a great way to make a big job more manageable!

3 – Declutter Each Night – If I took the time to just do a quick sweep over my room each night, I know that it would be much more manageable to keep everything clean long term. It is really hard when I am tired and the day has been long to force myself to do another chore rather than collapse into my comfy bed and sleep, but it will make me feel much better in the long run to avoid a massive room cleaning day!

4 – Do a Deep Clean Once a Week – This is important to keep my room clean of dust, molds, and bacteria that could affect my health. I cannot become sick! I have classes and three jobs to worry about, so I need to be on my game every day. As I write this, I have a ton of gunk in my throat. I just want to take a nap rather than do anything because I am NOT feeling so hot… Maybe if I had kept my space cleaner I could have avoided this annoying cold? A deep clean includes wiping off and dusting all surfaces, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors,  cleaning your toilet, sink, and shower with bathroom cleaner, cleaning your windows and mirrors with Windex, doing laundry, making sure dishes are cleaned and put away, and getting old food out of the fridge. This is a lot, but maintaining it all every week will make the process much easier than doing one massive clean once a month. Pro Tip: Blast music and make it a partay! Check out this Spotify playlist that I made for when I clean for some inspiration!

5 – Invest in my Space – I talk about this a little in a past post which I will link here. It is so important to turn your room into a space that you love and are comfortable in. If you want to hang out in it, you are more likely to keep it clean, so invest in that comfy reading chair, those festive string lights, or that fancy coffee bar! Make the space something you can be proud of so that you will want it clean all the time!

Unfortunately, there exist many reasons to clean both mentally and physically. A clean room reduces stress, reduces the odds of sickness, and vastly increases productivity! Share this post with your messiest friend--everyone needs a good roast to whip them into shape :)

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