About Lucia

As an aspiring med school student and working EMT, I make my daily focus improving my health. However, that does not mean I’m always good at making the healthy choice, especially when there is dessert or a few good disney movies around... I am studying Biochemistry and Spanish at the University of Idaho. I love my little Moscow--there exists nothing like the charm of a small town. Jesus is my favorite person around, and I take a lot of pride in my faith. He gave me such a passion for philanthropy. I have always run blood drives, spent time at the animal shelter, and volunteered at the food bank. Service is my true passion besides medicine., and I am very lucky to be able to combine those passions as a volunteer EMT. Finally, I love nature and adventure. My sports of choice are soccer and water skiing, but I also stay active hiking or snowshoeing with my dogs. I have three dogs, one of which is now in heaven.
I am a book addict and would spend a million dollars at Barnes and Noble if I could... When I was in trouble as a child, my mom would confiscate my books until I finished my chores.... Which brings me to family, I have two amazing parents: My mom is a retired teacher, and my dad is a successful entrepreneur. My sister, Roonie, is the one writing this blog with me, and my little brother is an aspiring soccer player. He is adopted, and just one of my favorite people in the whole world. We are so blessed to have been given him. They are the best thing in my life. Through this blog, I am hoping to help people on their own health journey as I travel mine. I am going to share new techniques that I try and new experiences and adventures that I go on. We only get one life, so let's live it to the fullest :)