About Roonie

Raised in Idaho, I’m a potato loving girl through and through. I recently graduated from Gonzaga University, and have been working as a software engineer for about a year and a half. My favorite place to be is in the mountains, hiking, backpacking and adventuring into the woods.

My most recent adventures into adulthood have involved managing life as a full-time working engineer, managing exercise, eating right, social interaction and my faith.

I'm very proud of being a cradle Catholic, and love sharing and exploring my faith. Becoming an adult has challenged me to seek out my faith in new and challenging ways. I have met more people who have taught me so much about God and Theology. I hope to keep exploring that, and hopefully will keep learning new things!

In high school and college eating right was easy. I only went to the store once a week, and I only bought healthy food. I worked out at least once every weekday (as a way to avoid homework of course ;p). Now, I'm finding the balance between exercise, work and sleep to be challenging! In an attempt to hopefully get better at adventuring into the mountains, I have been trying to increase my fitness. Currently, my goals are to run a Half Marathon in October, workout consistently, and eat right! I hope that sharing this journey will help other post college humans realize they aren't alone. Hopefully, I can share some insight, and maybe receive some insight as well!